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Hello everyone!

My name is Christopher and this is my first post on Beesource. I live on the south shore of Massachusetts, and my friend and I have decided to start our first beehive together.

We've decided to go natural and use a Kenyan Top Bar hive. The hive is 24 bars long. Made it to sections of 8 between the 2 follower board and 2 end boards.

The only thing that I can't quite figure out is how to make an entrance for my bees. I've seen various designs for entrances with boxes covering holds and all that, but I'm only worried about the actual location.

Do I place holes in the front middle section and the two end boards, so they can fly around and enter where they want? Or do I place holes into the follower boards to allow them to only get in one way and move throughout the hive?

I hope this makes sense. Any details would be fantastic to hear!


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