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Anyone having trouble getting their orders from Kelleys. Been waiting over 2 weeks.
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I had so many issues with Kelley this year that I will never use again. Late shipments. Bees sent to someone else and then had to wait for a few weeks for a package that I was not happy with. They have no customer service and they don't care, so they have lost me as a customer.
Trapper, have you called them to check on the order? If you did, what did they say?

I haven't bought anything this year from Kelleys, though I inquired about a couple of things with a prompt response from them with good information. In the past three previous years I've always had good delivery times and products and excellent customer service. Hopefully, nothing is changing there...I guess I will find out this fall when I place my order for free delivery to our state meeting.

I've dealt with them over 20 years and never had an issue. I've ordered as late as last weekend and had my orders in 2 days.

It's an absolute certainty that when your dealing with the public it IS impossible to make everybody happy, no matter how hard you try. I've got a buisness (construction) that deals with the public and it's a challenge everybody should take a stab at.
One bad experience isn't worth throwing in the towel with a supplier. I've never dealt with Kelleys, but I'd say give them a call and get the answers you're looking for. Sometimes our expectations are not always in line with what's happening there.
They sent me a email on June 23 confirming my order. Called a couple of days later and told me it would be after July 4th before it would be shipped. I called them last Wednesday and asked if the order shipped yet. They said no not yet and reminded me that it would be after the 4th before they shipped. I said I know and today is July 9th, did you mean this week or sometime before July 31. They said it would ship this week. Then I get a call from them telling me it would ship on the 10th. As of today no notification from UPS. I have purchased from them for over 30 years. Can't help but wonder what Mr. Kelley would think.
Companies like this give bad service due to people accepting it, and just saying well I will give them another shot. If a company gives bad service and then is not willing to even make an attempt to fix or repair the relationship they need to be hit in the pocketbook.
lyles, this is just your second post here and you already seem to be judge and executioner of a well respected and well operated company. It appears that you had a problem with a package order...lots of people *and* vendors had problems this year with shipping and receiving bees, I'm sorry you were one of them. If we all were to stop doing business with companies that mess up then all of them would soon be out of business and we'd have no one to get our supplies from....that would teach them, wouldn't it?

Most people when they first join Beesource will introduce themselves and maybe ask a question or be helpful to someone. But, your first posts are simply trashing Kelley's. Everybody makes mistakes and has problems. My guess right now, is that Kelley is probably swamped with business and having to play catch up. I wish my business was that good. :eek:

It is *very* hard for me to believe that Kelleys hasn't attempted to or currently isn't attempting to correct any problems that customers may have with their service or goods. They've always been a class act with me.

Trapper, what type of goods do you have ordered that is taking so long to get shipped? Harvesting equipment? Woodenware? ??? Have you heard from UPS yet? From the fact of Kelley calling you with an update it seems that somebody is watching your order and trying to get it out to you. In all the contacts you've had with them what did they say the problem is?

Best wishes on getting your order soon, Trapper!
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I think it is funny when people ask for your view on a topic if you don't agree people take it personally. Trapper ask a question I gave my view. If that is not ok then why do we have a forum? So let me get this right no one can post anything bad about Kelley they are great in every way. OK I see. My money will go to other people, because of their great service. Walking away
I placed an order in mid February and it took 3 weeks. I placed another order at the end of May and it took 3 weeks. I was told that they are behind in orders with woodenware included. When I received the orders, everything was as it should be.
No problems with Kelley's, been ordering from them for the last three years. Any time something was missing or broken, a phone call or e-mail got results fast usually replacements or the missing items shipped free and received in two or three days. It is busy right now so there can be delays. I had one order this year that took a week and a half but that was because I specified USPS instead of UPS, won't make that mistake again. In general, I'll still order from them because I usually specify UPS and get the orders in two days or less. Hope you get your stuff soon.
With the free shipping deal right now, no wonder they are backordered. It's a great deal.
They have offered free shipping on orders over $200 this year and I have taken advantage of it. I never could justify shipping wood boards from 2 states away, but now it is free, I can save some time and money. I placed an order a few weeks ago and they stated that they are backlogged on their wooden wares. I told them I was not in a hurry and to take their time.

Good product, excellent service, and free shipping. Who could ask for more? I work in a service industry and realize that you can only produce so much in an 8 hour day. They are trying their best and I appreciate their service they provide. Give them a break and let them do what they do best, making our bee equipment.
Wasn't trying to start a Kelly's bashing thread, I was just wondering if anyone else was having problems. Like I said I have ordered from them for years. No I didn't ask them what the hold up was. Normally I drive down to pick up my order but wanted to take advantage of the free shipping.
So far I have been happy. This past order for med frames which I placed June 28, confirmed, then when I had not received it by July 5 I phoned them as I paid for 2 day shipping. They stated having wooden ware backlog.........I received my order the next day. I've only ordered from far so good. I'm sure it's all in the timing. A polite call doesn't hurt.
I'm glad you started the thread, Trapper. It's a heads'up to others to get our orders in earlier. I'm figuring on placing a wooden ware order for our late September state meeting. There's a good chance they wouldn't have it ready to bring down if I ordered at the last minute, as I usually do. :eek: I'll be sure and put it in earlier this year! ;) Thanks!

well now i was about to put an order in with them. Ive delt with them in the past and have never had issues. Ive had to wait what seemed like weeks for Dadant orders and they come from like 100 miles away so hardly far.
I've had a minor issue with a different supplier, one which is typically very prompt. In my case, it was unassembled frames that were backordered. But, they shipped everything else very promptly and gave me a specific date for when the frames would ship. Until they arrive, I'll have frameless foundation. I wonder how long it would take the bees to draw a frame........
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