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Keeping it Simple/Lazy

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I am a rookie/hobbiest and have one (1) year old hive near Memphis TN.

If I can stand and watch plentiful, content and healthy Bees within 3-4 feet, I think this is a reliable indicator that the Queen is OK and I need not mess around with examining frames and squinting to see tiny tiny brood cells. I will make sure they have plenty of room. If they want to make a new queen that is ok with me. Let the dominant queen rule!

After the honey flow...I will equally split the hive in half, medicate both and take the new hive to the Missouri Ozarks.

Is this folly? What say you all?
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Rob s; as you become more experienced with the bee`s behavior you will find they may look ok but you do need to check thing in the hive , how the queem is laying , drood pattern,pollen, storesof honey,parasite and other abnormality. good luck with your bees rock
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