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Just can't find my queens!! Need to add my new queens.

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Wow. What a buncha really mad, mad, mad bees!!!

I have 7 hives and have not been able to find the queens in any of them. They are fulla bees and honey and all that.

I got 7 new queens and just gave up actually finding and killing the existing queens before intoducing the caged new ones. I do everything else by the book, but I cannot see well enough to find the queens.

Few of the frames have eggs, but still have alot of brood and a few larvae. One hive had NO larvae or eggs.

Please advise!! This is the first time I have requeened in the fall and will probably resort to the spring....a better classa bees at that time of year.

Let me know if I have really messed up. I will find another way if I can next time.

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