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Just an interesting article on CCD

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Not trying to start a war, but it was interesting on CCD.
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For a counter-view of the Lu "scientific study", you may be interested in what Randy Oliver has to say about it:

In another forum that I read, on a completely different topic from Beesource, this study (Dr. Lu's) was announced to much public acclaim. People were eagerly lapping up the notion that neonics, and ONLY neonics, were now the proven cause of CCD. I was startled to discover that they were completely closed-minded on this topic, especially since this particular group spends much energy congratulating themselves about how "reality-based" they are.

Personally, regarding the scientific quality of this particular study, regardless of the purported results, I'm with Randy Oliver. We need good answers about the plagues affecting bees, not junk-science.

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