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Just a thought

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Since my bee water is full of mosquitos, and oil on the water is the only way I know to kill them, "cannot change water" will fgmo help or harm the bees. Will they die when gathering water, or will they take it back to the hive and kill VM? Or neither?
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if water is deep enough and free of oil.
Most pet stores have feeder gold fish for about 10 cents each, put some of them in they will eat the larva.
Or bait stores have minows

Just please don't release them in a creek or pond or lake, many problems with this.
Nice suggestion Joey33.... Guppies are a good option as well and they breed like crazy.

The oil on the water sounds risky for the bees.
I haven't tried this, but the local university bee lab keeps a pile of compost near their hives and keeps it wet. the bee's use it a lot for water. their idea is they get trace elements from it. I figured you could also take a 5 gallon bucket and fill it with compost then add maybe 2 or 3 gallons of water. that should stay damp a long time but there wouldn't be a puddle for mosquitos.

just a thought
Buy the Bt at the garden store to kill mosquitoes. It will also help with your wax moths.

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Ditto Michael's suggestion to use BT...the formula for mosquitos is also called "mosquito dunks". Each dunk lasts about 30 days and you can break them into smaller pieces to use in birdbaths, small reflecting ponds and other nonmoving water.
If you want Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) you can buy it for mosquitoes at any garden store. You can searc on "mosquitoes" and "thuringiensis" or "Bt" and you'll find lot's of info on the web.
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