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No I don't get a kick back. I have been typically getting 50 deep supers from Mann Lake on black Friday sales for at least the last 8 years. Picked up a few betterbee Hive bodies today 7/8 walled. The quality beats them buy quite a bit. I can't believe how much better they are. They are so worth the extra $$$$.
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I also buy from BetterBee, like to keep local.
I own about 22 of the Beemax styrofoam hive top feeders from Betterbee, about $30 each.

Next to Ceracell, it is one of the best feeders available IMO. Last time I checked, I have not gotten free shipping from them. Both ML and K offer free shipping over $100. Need to get a Dadant catalogue. Want a new smoker for the honey harvest.
I've come around on Better Bee as well. I usually buy local but I got to have better quality and I'm willing to pay a little more.
I hived up my resource hive a couple of weeks ago and when I got done, I realized that the mill work was off. Yikes, talk about large gaps. Knowing that cold weather is still a possibility I ended up filling up the cracks with clay as I felt the bees couldn't propolis them in time.
I've since bought ten complete five frame nuc boxes from Better Bee and they're perfect! I'll be getting all my wooden ware from them. If only the shipping were free...


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Got a resource hive and a couple of beemax covers . I think it was about 3 seasons ago. Excellent quality!
I don't have pictures atm. But the way the rabbit is designed now on the 7/8 walled boxes looks way stronger that the traditional langstroth box design. I'm not sure if there 3/4 walled boxes have this design.
I also would like to see this new rabbet design, please post a picture..
I also am interested in seeing the rabbet design. I have had good experiences with Mann Lake equipment, but the reports coming through recently of ill-crafted hive components is not encouraging.
Quick thumbs up for BetterBee as well. Excellent communication, fast shipping and IN STOCK items. If a supplier cant supply or wont communicate, what good is a slightly lower price? [Also, not a paid advertisement either, just beyond frustrated with the big one]
I purchased swarm commander.

Any tips on using this inside of a swarm trap?
Wood Plywood Table Wood stain Hardwood

Hope this works. You can see the improved top joint.
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View attachment 55427

Hope this works. You can see the improved top joint.
#1 is the box is made with clear pine---no knots and thus better grain as well.

I have seen that kind of top joint in the product of another manufacturer.
Just did some searching. Looks like shastina millwork has that design. As mann lake has acquired them not sure what that will mean in the future. Not even sure betterbee gets the hive bodies there.....
It is a good design. However, they got the boards grain orientation right on the endpiece but wrong on the long side. Don't put the heart in a box of pine. Such a simple thing but so important to prevent edges of boards from starting to curl out after a few seasons.
Thanks for posting the picture Clayton, I like that cut better too.
Not sure if the following has anything to do with the topic of box joints and rabbets but I believe BB either owns or is at least a partner in woodenware maker Humble Abodes in ME since they suffered a fire in their facility a few years back.

Very observant crofter.
I have only used Betterbee, mainly because they are an hour away. But I can say that as an amateur woodworker, their woodenware impresses me. I started with the 7/8th boxes which are very high quality but they have a "bargain barn" which I always check out, so I now have a mix. The damaged/mistakes in the bargain barn are very minor which tells me that they have high standards. Even their cheaper commercial grade is very good. Yes, they did buy the place in ME from what I understand. J
Yes, Betterbee owns Humble Abodes. I have a lot of Humble Abodes boxes and none have that cut. The only boxes I have with that cut are Kelley's. I went to the Kelley site and their catalog picture now shows a Mann Lake box. Betterbee shows a Humble Abodes box. Betterbee/Humble Abodes woodenware is the best I've seen. HA's budget boxes are much better than anybody's commercial ( I have no experience with Dadant woodenware). Free shipping is tempting but, you're paying the shipping, one way or the other.
My wife ordered a motor kit for my Saf Natura extractor for father's day. It was ordered on Monday and was on my porch Thursday (3 days later). It looks like a good product. I will be trying it out this weekend hopefully.
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