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Jumpsuit and jacket for ocassional use?

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Good day,

This is James, Happy Holidays to all of you. I want to buy two bee suits (one jacket and one full suit - jacket and pant) for my landscapers who visit my family's small Apiary in the Houston, TX area.

These would be for occasional use, when the landscapers are working in the area. Good ventilation is helpful, but I prefer to spend a bit less than the Ultra Breeze Bee suits which I believe run ~$250 for the jumpsuit and ~$150 for the ultra breeze jacket with hood.

I am hoping to spend about 50% of these prices.

Thank you for your suggestions
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probably doesn't help you at all, but I never understood the need for a jumpsuit.....jacket/veil, yes...but loose jeans are all you need...worked commercial all summer with 2400 hives and remember getting stung only a couple times when sweat made my pants cling too tight...other than that...never had an issue. you will also stay cooler.
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