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jr cappings spinner

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pros and cons on the jr cappings spinner, i have been using a cappings melter to melt out cappings but it makes the honey darker than what i like. do the cappings spinners work well to get all the honey extracted, and i would assume would be lite honey with no heat added?
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You will still get a little honey. But they will make you money with time. With it if you are running about 50 plus hives
i have a maxant jr cappings spinner. Used it for first time last season. Got 2 full 5 gallon pails of honey out of the cappings from 30 colonies and although its not quick the wax does end up pretty darn dry. Certainly much easier and cleaner than just drip draining the cappings. Eventually i think a cappings extruder will be the way to go but not with the small number of hives i currently have.
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