Jerry Hayes was the Apiary Inspection Assistant Chief for the state of Florida's Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services Bureau of Plant & Apiary Inspection.

From the DoACS website: Apiary Inspection plays a vital role in Florida Agriculture as inspectors work to prevent the introduction and establishment of honey bee pests and diseases. A healthy and secure Florida honey bee industry is valuable to all.

Florida's honey industry is consistently ranked among the top five in the nation with an annual worth of $13 million. In addition, the Florida honey bee industry benefits our state's fruit and vegetable industry by providing an estimated $20 million in increased production numbers created by managed pollination services that are available in no other way. There are over 100 varieties of popular fruits and vegetables that use pollination to ensure fruitful crops.

Florida Apiary Inspectors certify movement of honey bee colonies throughout the state and the nation. These colonies are monitored for diseases, honey bee pests and unwanted bee species. The Department has the most comprehensive state program (e.g., number of inspectors and traps) to prevent the accidental introduction of the unwanted Africanized honey bee.

Seventeen million pounds of honey are produced in Florida each year and enjoyed around the world.