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I bought a Jenter kit direct from Mr. Jenter in Germany (BIG mistake). The instructions are all in Germany and he will not respond to questions. anyway, with the help of a friend I have managed to raise a few queen cells but I still have some questions. In the kit there are two kinds of cell carriers: smooth and serrated. Does anyone know why there are two kinds of cell carriers (Art. Nr> 060 and 062).

Also, the schooling cage, Art. Nr. 050. Although this fits over the end of a schooling cage there is only one cap to it. So when the queen has hatched I need to immediately transfer it to another kind of holding cage to keep the queen and her attendants in. has anybody used a schooling cage and can fill me in on how best to use.

Also, are there any good instructions out there on how to use the system. The instructions I have seen are not that clear.


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