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Jacksonville Florida Bee Box and bottom board manufacturer

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John Spoo asked me to see if anyone here on beesource knows the name of the company in Jacksonville Florida that manufactures bee hive bodies, bottom boards etc. Someone told him they have great prices and quality equipment. I tried an advanced search but could not come up with a name for him.

Radar....Do you recall the name. I have seen it here on beesource but cannot find it now.


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North American beehive company.

I'm not sure if they are still involved in the beekeeping equipment supply game.
If the North American Beehive Co linked in post #2 is not the company that Cleo is referring to, perhaps this outfit in St Johns FL (Jacksonville suburb) is closer to the mark:
That's what I'm thinking
I met the two guys that own h&m last year at
Florida state bee convention seemed like real nice guys

The one package they sell comes out of china
Hard to believe they can make and ship lower than can be done here
I understand electronics but didn't see it in wood products
It's my understanding that North American isn't making hives any more. He had all his equipment for sale about a month ago. I think they are working more on the honey and bee side of the business now.

Hives and More make their own equipment and are located in Jax. here's a link to their website.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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