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I've had some bad luck

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this season. I had a new nuc totally robbed out - no bees left. And I tried to help out another laying worker colony with a bar of brood with queen cells on it. Well, they have a queen now but I think they were robbed out too - no nectar or honey - and there are VERY few bees - certainly not enough to care for any brood.

I have only one strong colony left now- among 3 building nucs and this weak one with the queen.

I'm thinking of doing a split with my strong colony, introduce this queen, and shake in the remaining bees from this dwindling colony. What do you think of this idea?

I've NEVER done any of this before. How do you catch a queen without hurting her? And can you direct me to a thread about how to introduce a queen to a new TBH colony? Thanks.
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If you're on all TBH, why not just give the weak one brood from the strong one to build up on (and return empty comb from the donor)? Or do a newspaper combine?
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