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Italian 20 frame extractor... pretty is it not?

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Drain is on the bottom.....
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Looks like a SS extractor...
Yes, but maybe not US $2036 pretty...:no:
Gotta pay for quality. I'm becoming less and less impressed with the quality of the stuff I'm seeing sold for hobbyists/sideliners.

Show me anyone in the US (or North America) who's making an extractor like this with a bottom drain.

Since the manufacturers push the units with legs, why not weld a drain connection on the bottom? Make it a threaded bung and don't supply an actual valve, if you want to save costs to knock down the price point.
Something you might not have seen yet is the Lyson line of equipment just introduced to the USA.

Chris Cripps
[email protected]
I just purchased the 21-frame extractor from Brushy Bee Farm. I haven't used it yet, but it spins really fast! When I first set it up, I couldn't get it to work. After looking and re-looking for about a half hour, I discovered that the locking lid has a manual release, and it ships in the released position. As soon as I engaged the lid locking mechanism, it started working.

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Time to take the honey for a spin!

Drain is on the bottom.....
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