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Is this Nosema?

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I am pretty sure it is but I need a 2nd opinion before I start treatment.
Any pointers in dealing with this? I am still very new this is my second "real" year of beekeeping. I would hate to see them die off just after they survived winter. :cry:
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It's really hard to tell from a photograph, but to me, it DOES NOT look like Nosema. This just looks like the product of a cleansing flight.

Now, the reason I'm leaning away from Nosema is that there doesn't appear to be fecal matter trailing out the entrance. Nosema causes diarrhea in bees, which causes them to defecate inside the hive. Assuming you're using solid bottom boards, there would be a "streaks" of diarrhea coming out of the entrance.

An inspection of the inside of the hive would tell a better tale.

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