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Is this good, bad, or indiferent?

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I started two hives last spring. Both produced quite a bit of honey for a first year. I left them each two deeps full of honey and a medium each half full of honey. I just went through each hive and found the following:

Hive 1 - A lot of dead bees, many with their heads in cells (starved to death is my assumption). The hive is light on honey. There are still a lot of bees in the hive and they are very active. I could not locate any brood, which really concerns me. I don't know what option I would have at this time. I hope I don't lose the hive.

Hive 2 - some dead bees, many with heads in cells. The hive has a little more honey that the other, but still quite light on honey. There are a lot of bees. I did find some brood, but not a lot.

I have started to feed both hives. Any suggestions on how to ensure they both survive?
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The bees are carniolas. The bees are in Utah. Our winter is usually quite cold and long. We recently had a real cold period after some rather warm weather. The bees are out in the open.
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