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Is this a "swarm" now or will it be soon?

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Bees have been clustered outside like this for the last two days on a known feral bee colony. The weather has been cloudy and cool (high 60's) with rain for the entire time so I am assuming this isn't just bearding. Could this be a swarm getting ready to leave or is it possible they have already "swarmed" but didn't get very far away because of the rainy weather? Trying to decide between putting out trap and trying to collect them. Any advice?


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Sorry couldn't help myself.
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My best option is simply to put a trap nearby I am guessing? How close should it be placed?
If you have access, I'd put four out, a quarter mile in each of the four directions... if not, then put it as close as you can get to a quarter mile...

Bearding does not mean they are going to swarm, nor does it mean they are not. It does mean they are strong or it is hot...
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