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Is this a queen cell? Or burr comb?

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Was looking to add a box to my latest swarm, about a month old. Saw what looks like a queen cell, but couldn't tell for sure. Just to be safe, I moved the queen and 4 frames to a new box to simulate a swarm, and left this in the original box.

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That is NOT a queen cell. A queen cell literally looks like a peanut in the shell. That's just some wonky comb they drew. Put 'em back together.

Google is your friend before you do things so drastic...

You managing your frame space correctly?
overzealous combbuilding IMO. G
its queenish.. yeah practice for the real thing next time... so it cold(burrrrrrrrrr) way to keep a sharp eye out..
Thanks, guys. Too many cells in that, making it burr comb, gotcha. Queen cells are smoother. Had to make a judgment call, it was approaching dark, and I didn't have time to unveil and Google it. No harm no foul, I'm sure they will be happy to have their queen back after 18 hours apart. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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