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Is Pennyroyal toxic to bees?

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I have a nice site for an outyard but the closest summer flowers (we have a summer dearth here) are Pennyroyal. A local ex-keep says the nectar kills larva (we already have Buckeye for deadly pollen). I know the oil is bad for reproducing mammals, is there an insect connection? I am mixing Nettles into my pollen substitute because they increase mammalian milk production and avian egg production, so I'm certainly open to the idea of trans-Class herbal medicine but I'd love too hear about your experiences.
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Pennyroyal flowers attract honeybees and butterflies. I am investigating pennyroyal to keep ants in check.

2. - ANTS

I have my hives in an area ideal for growing pennyroyal. This area is also loaded with ants. It repels aphids and other garden pests.

The original post is from 2010. I figured I would add to the specific topic of pennyroyal. (5 years later) It is also a coincidence Michael McKay is my name. :D
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