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Is it too early to worry?

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I got my 2 packages on May 11th, and one hive has built 3 full frames of honey, pollen, and capped brood about to emerge, and it seems to be on schedule. The other, though is not building much at all. Mostly just empty wax cells. I saw no brood at all, and I am a bit worried that they won't survive. Should I combine them, on the assumption that a queen was lost?
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Sounds like they are queenless. Those bees are getting pretty old. I would combine them with your queen-right hive.
It's not a bad idea to combine them.
As it turned out, my combined hive is the one i'm using to rebuild with now since it survived the winter, the wax moths, and it did not starve or otherwise succomb.
Your results may vary, but the combine is relatively easy to do. Best wishes.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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