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Is comb ever remade?

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I am in process of converting some of my Langs to foundationless frames and so far the bees have created the comb much faster than hives using frames with foundation.
However, most of the foundationless frames have been made with drone comb.
Anyone know if the bees will retask/remake these frames to worker cells when they feel that there are enough dromes in the hive, or should I cut it out and let them remake it?
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The bees feel they need the drones. If you cut out the drone comb, the bees will just draw out more drone comb.

It is unlikely the bees will tear down drone comb and rebuild it into worker cells. The easy solution is simply to rotate the drone comb towards the outside of the box, and put a new frame in the center of the broodnest. As long as you leave the drone comb there, once the bees feel they have enough drone comb they will go back to drawing worker cells.

I have some foundationless frames that have patches of drone comb. In early spring, the queen wouldn't lay in the drone cells. She would lay full the worker cells surrounding the drone cells, but she ignored the drone cells. The bees used the drone cells for nectar storage in the broodnest. As the season progressed into summer, the bees cleaned out the nectar, and the queen started laying drone brood in those same drone cells.
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