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Deb, I found the video. Hmm. Very frustrating, if I was sold a package with a queen that would not be accepted. I really don't know what else I can do except wait out the weather and then see if she's still alive. They were definitely sticking to the queen cage, I couldn't scrape them off (VERY GENTLY) with the hive tool. If she's dead in 3 days, I'll just have to rush a frame of eggs in there and hope for the best. Maybe check for any brood first in case there could be a queen already running around in there.

They weren't balling the queen cage when I removed her from the package and installed her, so maybe there's still hope...

Can't wait till I have enough hives through splits and never have to go the package route again.
I can understand the frustration, I lost a Buckfast queen earlier this spring in the same fashion. It was recommended on here somewhere to me to leave the cork in a couple days before exposing the candy. I knew better........ Oh well maybe I didnt.....she was dead in an instant. Live and learn. I may have one die in a cage but will never send another out prematurely. :lookout:
1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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