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Is 24 hour queenless enough?

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I have a single deep hive of Russian lineage that I never have been happy with. I have a young laying queen in a mating nuc of three frames who needs a home. Yesterday my plan was to kill the old Russian to make room for the youngster but when I went into the Russian super it had frame after frame with so much brood there was little room for anything else. Stick to the plan… I killer her. Within hours it seemed like half the hive was stacked up on the landing board. They’re upset to say the least.
I want to set a second deep with the young queen on top of the existing hive. Four frames with a follower board is what it is now. The frames are not what I would call full of bees.
Is 24 hour queenless about right to just set the new queen and her followers on top or should I give them another day? It's been an on/off rainy day, tomorrow is supposed to be nice and sunny. I never get home until 5:30 ish though.
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I think he's talking about a full-sized deep that he's converted into a small nuc by using a follower board. I've done the same thing myself.

I wouldn't wait 24 hours. I'd do the newspaper combine asap. By the time they get thru the paper, more than a day will have passed.

And Yule is right--definitely check of qcells in that bottom deep. Russians are notorious for building them anyway.

A question--why were you unhappy with your other queen? With that much brood, I would have been tempted to keep her.
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