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Is 24 hour queenless enough?

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I have a single deep hive of Russian lineage that I never have been happy with. I have a young laying queen in a mating nuc of three frames who needs a home. Yesterday my plan was to kill the old Russian to make room for the youngster but when I went into the Russian super it had frame after frame with so much brood there was little room for anything else. Stick to the plan… I killer her. Within hours it seemed like half the hive was stacked up on the landing board. They’re upset to say the least.
I want to set a second deep with the young queen on top of the existing hive. Four frames with a follower board is what it is now. The frames are not what I would call full of bees.
Is 24 hour queenless about right to just set the new queen and her followers on top or should I give them another day? It's been an on/off rainy day, tomorrow is supposed to be nice and sunny. I never get home until 5:30 ish though.
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I'm not sure if I follow exactly what you are doing. It sounds as though you have a queen that has been accepted in a four frame nuc. Is that correct? Now you want to combine that four frame nuc with a larger hive? I would probably go back through the single deep and check for queen cells, and destroy any that you find. Then you could probably use the newspaper method to combine the two hives. 24 hours is usually plenty of time for them to know they are queenless. Unfortunately it is also enough time to start queen cells, which could hinder the acceptance of your new queen.
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