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Went through Bee school in Cumberland County back in March....bummed to find out that bee supplies required ordering a nuc or package months prior, in order to get in the spring. Didn't give up, built and hung 4 swarm/bait luck there either. As class wound down...found someone selling a double that came back from the almonds. Bought that figuring I could split and learn and maybe keep 1 hive strong enough to get some honey this year, but not swarm. (tuplip poplar were just opening).

Been doing a ton of reading....main references would have to be Randy Oliver and love Michael Palmer's youtube talks....also enjoy the canadian beekeepers videos.

Anyhow, just getting my feet wet, learning as best as I can, trying to multiply hives to go into winter with enough to build 5 up for honey and hopefully 5 for experiments, cell builders, queen rearing etc. In the spirit of having fun with beekeeping...I'd also like to set up a small, top bar hive (similar to Sam Comfort's designs) just because it's different, easy to inspect, should help with my learning.

- Positive news....both of my splits off the almond hive successfully reared mated queens, the one I found so far is big, fat, and yellow :). Also...after the split and 2nd inspection, original hive quit making queen cells.
- negative....5 stings into the adventure, still swell up for 3-4 days with each one. How long you think before a person's body starts to build up a resistance?

enjoy the articles on here - Bill
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