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Hi, Everyone

My name is Victoria Primicias, and I paint with beeswax. In case you missed it, I have an ad on the right column entitled Beautiful Beeswax Paintings.

Also known as encaustics, this ancient medium was invented by the Romans and Greeks (arte cera means "wax art" in Latin). The paint is melted at 200F and applied in 6–20 layers onto wood. I love painting with beeswax because it has a luminosity and radiance that can't be replicated in other mediums. It also lends itself to creating wonderful textures.

My paintings are reasonably-priced, and I ship internationally. Hope you'll take the time to see them. Any questions, simply email me at the address below.

All the best,

[email protected]
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How much do they normally cost. I see one that I would like for over my mantle.
She asks that you email here.
I sent you a PM.
Your work is beautiful!
Thanks, Barry. I appreciate that!
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