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International Social Insect Congress -- Abstracts from Cairns, Au convention

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The abstracts for the convention of the International Union for the Study of Social Insects International Congress held July 14, 2014 in Carins, Australia are posted online at:

298 (!) pages of fascinating, cutting edge research into bees, wasps, ants and such. >>500 studies. Epic.
Or you can search online by abstracts grouped into 40 categories:


1. Honeybee learning and memory: molecules, networks and behaviour
2. Nutrition and social behavior
3. Recruitment behavior and dance language communication: recent advances
4. Insect epigenomics: bridging the gap between genotype and phenotype
5. Empirical studies of the evolution of colony-level traits
6. Decoding the sophisticated chemical communication of social insects
7. Groups as cognitive systems
8. Empirical tests of kin selection
9. Social insect ecology from a functional-trait perspective
10. Ecology and genomics of social polymorphism
11. Evolutionary, genetic and physiological basis of ageing in social insects
12. Biogeography, macroecology and macroevolutionary dynamics of social insects
13. The mating biology of social insects
14. Chemical ecology of social insect foraging
15. From genes to societies
16. Advances in social insect system in the urban landscape
17. Socio-Evo-Devo: the new synthesis
18. Why is parasitism more adaptive than being social among bees?
19. Ecology and evolution of digestive symbioses in termites
20. Reproductive division of labour and the evolution of queen pheromones
21. Integrative analyses of division of labor
22. Innovations inspired by social insects: from algorithms to architecture
23. Nature and nurture in insect societies
24. Social insect host-microbe interactions
25. Island Biology of Social Insects
26. Microbiota in social insects
27. Phenotypic phenomena and molecular basis of social insect immunity
28. Comparative genomics of social evolution I and II
29. Social insects as biological invaders
30. Breaking the sting barrier: evolution, conservation and sustainable use of stingless bees
31. Open questions and promising approaches in understanding eusocial evolution
32. Alternative reproductive systems and their evolutionary consequences
33. Behavioural ecology and neurobiology of cognition in social insects
34. The impacts of environmental stressors on bee declines
35. Evolution and mechanisms of commitment in eusocial insect castes
36. Defence mechanisms of social insects
37. Other
38. Diversity, conservation and ecological functioning of social insects
39. No theme allocated
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