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I've been working with Country Insurance to try and get a policy. Long story short, the underwriter knows nothing about apiculture and was requiring me to either get certified organic, or pasteurize. . . whatever.

I'm now shopping for an insurance company that knows SOMETHING about the biz and writes policies in WA.

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as A licenced insurance agent in washington you need to talk to some one who does crop insurance in the USDA or Loyds of London out side of that I do not know any company in the state of washington willing to write the risk.
I got my insurance through "Barton" in Missouri. They were really easy to deal with. I got product liability for my farmer's markets and premises liability for every bee yard I operate on someone else's land. They deal in commercial insurance.

Whoever wants you to be certified organic (virtually impossible for me, and I've read the rules) or pastuerize must have some reason to make those unreasonable requests, but it sounds like plain ignorance to me.

Sit them down for a cup of coffee and see what they know, then shed some light into their darkness.

You can search the archives. There's been lots of info shared. Forget Farm Bureau. Don't bother with your home owner's insurance. Get a commercial policy.

Jackson, MO
Funny thing is, country was willing to write the risk last year just fine. Given my gross sales last year, it just didn't make any sense though. Different underwriter this year, and different rules. I know there's at least two insurers in WA willing to underwrite "Gentleman Farms" though. I'm currently talking to the other. There's gotta be more than that.

I'm also not looking for crop insurance per se. Just basic liability and theft etc. on equipment.
hey grant unless they have a licence to sell insurance in washinton state that won't help. Hey i would love to write the risk for him but my company won't right now even for me. Also Grant My company I am a agent for is the largest commercial insurer in the state of washington. So if we won't take the risk it comes down to special companies that do or are willing to float a risk like that that deal with Inland marine flaoters. i.e loyds of london and a few others.

I have my insurance through Encompass (used to be CNA) and told my agent that I needed liability and product liability for honey sales and beekeeping. Encompass gave it (Incidental Farming Liability) to me for $61/year as long as I also had an umbrella policy ($274/yr). This gets me coverage to a $2,500,000 limit.

I have carried the umbrella for several years, so it only cost me $61 extra. My agent is in Vancouver, WA.

We use Farm Family in Massachusetts. There was no problem.


PM me with a contact number for your agent, please. Thanks!
Farm Bureau in Ga does mine. They do have folks who understand ag in general and beekeeping in particular. I don't know if there's a Farm Bureau of WA.
Good luck
Farm Bureau is the BEST option for most beekeepers in the USA. They insure farmers and have NO problems with beekeepers. Why mess around with commercial insurers who do not understand farming much less beekeeping?

On top of it all FB has really good rates.

However FB does not write insurance in WA.

Try contacting some of the more visible outfits and see where they are getting insured.
Got an umbrella policy from American Family, they never batted an eye about the bees/honey. Don't mention the words rottweiler or pit bull though.
I have had the umbrella policy for quite a while and always thought that I would raise any insurance problems for bees/honey that came up under that. I also think that it probably would have worked, except farmers markets around here want proof of liability insurance for your product. The incidental farm policy addition did that.
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