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Hello all! Im Otter (the username "Otter" was already taken) and i'm here for a little help on instrumental insemination. I am attempting to adapt the instrumental insemination technique for use in ants, and I came to y'all for help because it just so happens that the reproductive tracts of ants are extremely similar to bees! I am going to be milling my modified design and was looking for a little help in hook picking. Does anyone know if ventral hooks can be used on ventral side and on the dorsal side for bees? Due to the similarities between ants and bees I hope I can transfer this information over to medium to large size ants. Any tips on what kind of hooks are best and where to get them would be super helpful, as well as the diameter of the handles that people use. If anyone has this handle specifically and is willing to share the information with me that would be absolutely amazing! Any info is good info as there seem to be only two groups of researchers that have even attempted instrumental insemination on ants seen here and here. I am not the only person to notice this as well, as this quote from the first citation shows.
"However, only a single paper describing the manual transfer of semen from males to queens has been published for ants (the fire ant Solenopsis invicta; Ball et al., 1983); to our knowledge, this study has never been elaborated further"
I have added a photo of my current model here:
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If anyone can either provide the information, or point me in the right direction / provide contacts that might have the information that would be extremely helpful, thanks all!
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