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I've read plenty on how to make and install polen patties from many of the posts here and other sources. The issue is I can't seem to find is how to install them in poor weather. We've had a respectively cold winter here (above 40 only twice in the past 4 weeks). The hives look good so far from what I can tell, but it's my first winter.

I'm wanting to feed pollen patties but it won't get above freezing for a while from the looks of things. Should I open the hive (2 deeps) to put the patty inside or add an empty super above the inner cover and put the patty on it (not over the ventilation hole)?

Again any suggestions are appreciated.

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The trick here is to look before removing a box,
making sure that you are not pulling the cluster
apart. You may have to remove a few frames from
an upper box to see down into the next lower box.

Once located, placing the patties on the top bars
can be done any way you wish.

Some folks lift boxes enough to "tilt" them open,
and slide the pollen patties into the gap, but
this is hard to do solo.

In short, it depends upon where the bees are!
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