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installing packages in existing hives

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I have two hives that are weak. I am wondering if it is a good idea to install a three pound package with the new queen in the weak hives, first removeing the old queen.
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Do you have at least 1 strong hive? I have 2 strong hives coming out of winter and I had a weak hive so I just pulled 1 frame of brood from 1 of the strong and put into the weak one. I checked today and the weak hive is starting to take off pretty good in just a couple of weeks. Good luck.
I have a strong hive and that is a good idea, but the queens in these weak hives seem to not be laying many eggs. So since I have three packages coming next week , I thought I would put them in the weak hives if it was a good idea.
The best way would be to establish the packages as separate hives and then do a paper combine.
I assume you are feeding them. I think the queen would produce more unless there is a problem with the queen.
You could also consider just buying a couple more queens and requeening the weaker hives if you really think the problem is with the queen. But you do need to prop up their numbers with a frame from a stronger hive. No matter what you do, you'll be waiting a bit before these weak colonies start picking up, so you really need to give them some eggs / brood.

2 options:
1) requeen.
2) as previously stated, hive the packages and do paper combines.

I would not though put a fresh package in an already established hive.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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