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I am just getting my first bees via two nucs. Looking for advice / tips on getting them from the nucs to thier new homes. I will be using standard ten fram deeps for brood nest. I appreciate any input on this.

There are undoubtedly people out there who know more about this than I do, and I am sure they will jump in and correct me if I say something wrong, but this is what we have done.
We wear gloves and a veil because they are new bees and therefore an unknown quantity. We put the hive body where we want it to be and then put three empty frames on one side of the box. We then smoked the nuc a tiny bit, and moved the frames from the nuc box to the brood box one at a time. We were originally told that it was important to keep them in the same order and orientation so as not to disrupt the bees' organization. Do it carefully and try to find the queen as you go... not always easy. Don't push them down, let the frames settle as the bees move out from under them. When they are all in, add the rest of the empty frames to make ten. We then do one sharp bonk of the nuc box into the brood box, usually there is still a clump of bees in it, and put the top on the brood box. If there are still bees in the nuc box, I bonk it once more on the ground in front of the brood box. then I walk away slowly and brush anyone else out of it and put it away where they can't follow and get confused.
Good luck. Move calmy!
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