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Hello all. After installing a 3# package of bees and queen last week into a new TBH, I found the queen (marked and clipped wings) about 10ft from the hive with a small cluster of bees around her. Couldn't tell at the time if she was alive or not, decided to get my veil and do a thorough check....possibly put her back in the hive if she was still alive. About the same time, the heavens opened and we had quite a thunderstorm. After the storm passed I went back to where the cluster of bees bees anymore, but a dead queen on the ground. I don't know if they killed her, or she died out in the any rate I had to order a new queen, due here tomorrow.

QUESTION - Since this is a new queen (coming from Drapers), I will not attempt a direct release. Should I dangle her cage from the bars, or place her cage on the bottom of the hive? I presume I should wait about 4 days before checking to see if she has been released, and if not, release her.

Any advice much appreciated.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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