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Like the title says...

Got the call this AM as I was leaving work, packages are at the PO. Bees looked good; very few dead. Decided to have some fun with the gentleman and told him we needed to verify the count. Look of panic number one.

As we were leaving, a lady and her two young daughters were walking in. Look of panic number two. Reassured mom the bees won't hurt her. The girls wanted to see them. Tons of kid questions. Spent about 5 minutes on the show and tell.

Decided to install the bees earlier in the day due to the forecast. My wife, on crutches, got a heck of a bit closer than she said she would. Later said she didn't realize she was so close. Fun experience. No stings. Now we wait.

To all those who answered my many questions...a hearty thank you for your help.
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