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Inspection question

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My only hive is getting pretty tall now. From bottom to top I have two deeps, two mediums
and a top feeder.
What should my inspections consist of now? I can't imagine I'll be able to check all 10 frames in all four boxes.
I just added the second medium to provide room since the first super was full of uncapped honey. My plan is to wait until all 10 frames in the new medium are drawn before I swap frames from the first medium and add an excluder between the two. Yes, and insuring the queen is not up there.

I'm also concerned with the two deeps. Should I inspect each frame, find the queen, swap some frames to break up the brood pattern, crush any swarm/supercedure cells?

I have another 10 frame deep that is uninhabited at this time. I wanted to harvest some honey before trying to split this summer.

Am I on the right track/timetable here in Raleigh?

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Why do you have a feeder on when you have honey supers on?
I started the season with just two deeps and discovered that they were full about two weeks ago.
I added the first medium to provide room and fed because another forum contributor said I should feed while they were drawing out the comb on the new medium.
My inspection today found the new medium totally drawn and full of uncapped honey.
So, I added the next medium to provide room. The feeder is currently empty. I planned to make some syrup tomorrow. Do you disagree?
Feed syrup to draw brood combs. Use floral nectar for drawing honey super foundation. Place your syrup filled medium on the bottom so the bees will remove that syrup and then you can place the drawn medium back on top when they empty it. Unless you want Honey Tree honey for yourself, then you can leave the syrup in your honey super.
Ok, thanks. I didn't know there were two approaches to feeding.

Now back to the original post...I'ved never had a hive this large. Should I go through every frame during during inspection? Stack the mediums & supers together on the side as I inspect the bottom deep?
When should I reverse the bottom deeps?
I hate the thought of breaking up all four boxes. But, I guess I have to get in there eventually to keep them clean.

You’re WAY past time for reversing unless you find the bottom deep empty which I doubt you will. Forget about trying to “keep them clean” It’s summer and they seem to be doing fine. There is not much to look at in a honey super other than see if there is any white wax at the top indicating they need more room. Just lift them off and set aside.
Swarm cells would most likely be between the two brood boxes, you could simply pry them apart and lift the back of the top one to see in between them. Of course by doing so you’ll break burr comb, brood comb and any swarm cells that are attached to the upper and lower frames but that is the way in. Should weigh about 50 pounds per deep super?
Part of the process, not always a right or a wrong, just enjoy!
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