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Finally had the chance to do a proper inspection of my hives today -- lovely weather in the 70's without a 30 mph wind.

Big hive is fine, although I swapped the medium over and under the deep, there were brood and eggs in the upper one and the lower is empty, they were filling much of the brood space with nectar. Quite a bit a brood and the supers I left on have only a scattering of capped brood, some drones not yet emerged, and lots of nectar. Put on a fresh drawn shallow, they are hauling pollen and nectar like crazy.

My new package wasn't so good. Lots of white wax and stores, but they superceded the queen right off the bat, small patch of capped brood on both sides of one frame and three lovely queen cells smack in the middle. One is uncapped, so I'm hoping there are plenty of drones available in two weeks, assuming the capped cells were capped in the last couple days.

I will move a frame of capped brood over on Monday, don't want to open them both up again right away. We do have problems around here with keeping queens in packages for some reason, this is about the 4th time we have lost on withing a week or two of installing them. Weather was crapply so I couldn't move any brood over, which I will do next time I think, and I should have hived them in a nuc rather than a full deep.

At any rate, a frame of bees should keep them going and won't hurt the booming hive next door too much.

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