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I used lots of smoke to install queen cage. I built a frame using 2-inch, by 4-inch fir lumber to fit the same size as the hive box. I covered the frame with #8 wire mesh, did away with the botom board, and placed brood hive on top of frame. The fir frame was put on some treated lumber to have plenty of ventilation from the bottom. I put a second brood hive on the top of the existing one. I put some of the brood in the second hive box along with some 4.9mm foundation, and some 4.9mm in the bottom hive box. Some of the brood cells were capped solid. the open brood cells had nectar, but no eggs were found in any of the open cells, just nectar. I still found no queen. I did away with the queen excluder. I also installed another shallow, the lower shallow box on top of the 2-deep super is full of honey. I took a bottom board, turned it upside down, and put it on top for a top intrance. The entrance is now 3/4-inch high. I put a metal cover to keep rain out on top of the bottom board. I then strapped the whole thing together with a ratchet strap. Tonight, the first night, a lot of bees were hanging on the outside, just under the top new entrance. Did i do anything wroung? Should i have done anything different?
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