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inner cover placement

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I'm wondering where to place the inner cover when I start adding honey supers? And can I modify the inner cover by adding a top entrance to it so my bees get quicker access to honey super during a good nectar flow?
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The inner cover will always go on top of all your boxes, under your telescopic cover.

The only exception may be, that after extracting your honey, you could place the extracted wet supers on top of your inner cover. This way, the bees will clean the excess honey out, take it through the hole in the inner cover and store in the brood nest. This works best when it's cooler in the fall and the hive is without gaps for robbers to get in at the wet supers.

You don't have to modify your inner cover, you can simply prop open the top cover a bit, by placing some small wood blocks under the front edge, to make a "shed roof", so water goes to the back of the hive. It gives the bees ventilation and better access.
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