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There is a withdrawal time between using the honey supers and pulling the Apivar off the hives. Somehow i think it is 14d between the two.
Apivar is also a 42d treatment so you need to plan when using this stuff. You need a total of 56d between start of treatment and when you can put the supers on. That in reality is two months. So if your honeyflow is July 1, you need to plan to have the apivar in by April 30th at the latests.
As well, if you are worried about honey being moved up, do not feed so much. Let them consume what they gather or take in. You do not want the brood chambers honey bound anyways.
Finally, the Canadian Honey Council is recommending that brood frames not be extracted for the very reason of contamination.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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