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I was trying to scoot the swarm hive over a few inches, and you guess it, I dropped it and the hive body slid off the base. *Lots* of unhappy bees. I wasn't exactly thrilled either.

So I thought, oh well, and decided to do a partial inspection even tho I wasn't planning on touching it until Sunday (home 1 full week). This hive is only an sbb and 1 deep, plus inner cover and another deep covering the feed bucket. So not a huge mess to reassemble.

I had placed the borrowed frame of brood in position 4. All the rest was drawn foundation. There were bees all over it as well as the two adjacent frames which were filled with nectar. Not much interest yet in the outlying frames, so I moved the nectar frames to the outside & pushed the others toward the brood frame.

The brood frame (from my Cordovan queen) is now mostly all capped but I did see a couple of young larva near the top (still C-shaped at the cell bottom). Three Q cells being drawn out along the frame bottom, but I didn't look to see if there was anything in them yet. I didn't see a queen, but then she's not marked, my eyes are old, and these were some really pissed off bees. Thus the plan to check on Sunday when I figured there would be some newly hatched larva indicating a queen (please, oh, please) or Q cells since I gave them the brood frame.

When I grabbed the brood frame, I just checked to see there was a nice mix of capped & uncapped, so I have no idea if there were any eggs near the bottom of the frame. Would they have relocated any eggs/4 day old larva to the new Q cells? I know for sure that the swarm built these, not my Cordovans.

If they haven't gotten thoroughly disgusted with the clumsy human and leave, I'm planning to check the brood frame again on Sunday. I've been bribing them with my special bee lemonade with homemade HBH, and so far, that's been working. Going thru close to a quart per 24-36 hours.

Here's what the swarm bees look like:
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