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In Roating Deep's, where is the Queen expected to Lay Eggs?

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In Roating Deep's, where is the Queen expected to Lay Eggs? I remember we would like to see a balanced set of Deep supers with eggs/brood, but I cannot seem to find in my literature where she prefers to the top or bottom?
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Wherever she likes. Wherever the workers have cleaned cells for her to do so. The idea behind rotating supers is to artificially provide more room for the queen to lay after her brood pattern has moved up mostly into the upper box. By placing the lower box above what was the upper box, she now has access to more room above herself.

If the brood pattern spans two boxes, once rotated you have two arches of brood one above the other and the idea is that the worker bees will work the cells between the two, providing space for the queen to fill in. Thereby producing more brood then when she was up at the top of the hive.

In theory, this help reduce swarming.
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