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Improved frame wiring device

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I wanted to improve my old wiring device that i posted here
and finally foung some time to do it.

It's not a big change or new concept, just fix the main problem i had to keep the wire stretch all the way till the end of the operation.

The improvments are:
1. Bigger wooden surface base (82cm x 32cm) - much more convenient to
work with.
2. One more wooden frame holder, that avoid the frame from moving, when
streching the wire.
3. An iron wire tape holder. Better that the wooden one that break's often.
4. Small aluminum device, near the wire tape that hold the wire tense in the
end of the operation before tieing to the last nail.
5. Using plastic pin in the frame holes to hold the wire tense when it needed - very very simple and efective when streching the close wire in his left side
and the last hole in the end of the operation (Upper right hole).



I am very pleased from the change i got from this new device
and sure it's not perfect and there are some more improvments to look for.

Hope it give helpful ideas to someone ;)
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Hello Rand and many thanks for the photos and the video. It is evidence of some deep thinking and some precise execution of your ideas, congratulations! I still would suggest the investment some time in a crimper plier as shown by Michael Bush and others. Take care and have fun
So where did you fine your green pegs?
They look a lot like injection-molding runners for plastic parts. (I used to work in injection molding)
It's execly injection-molding runners for plastic parts,
i got it from a friend that manufacture all kind of plastic irrigation parts.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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