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After a bit of testing, I've decided to open up most of the forums to allow posting of images within threads. Not all the forums allow images, but most do. Everyone has the ability to control this feature within their User CP. Default setting is to allow users to view all images. If you do not want to allow the images to load in your browser, go to the User CP / Settings & Options / Edit Options / Thread Display Options / Visible Post Elements. Choose your option with: "Show Images (including attached images and images in code)."

Members can host their images at a third party location like [URL][/URL], [URL][/URL], [URL][/URL] or [URL][/URL] and link them to their post . . .

(Instructions on how to do this are posted here:

. . . or, you may use the attachment feature here to upload your image. Instructions for doing this are here:


If you need to edit your image file, there are several free editors available online:

[URL][/URL] and [URL][/URL]

[B][U]I have set up these rules for posting images.[/U][/B]

1. Images will be no bigger than 640 by 480 pixels. Resolution no more than 72 dpi. The image below is an example of the largest image size allowed. 195 kB is the maximum file size.
2. Images must pertain to the topic within the thread.
3. No more than three (3) images per post.
4. All images must be accompanied with text that give reference to them.
5. The same rules will apply to images that apply to content within posts. See: [URL][/URL]
6. Images are to be used as an aid to the written discussion. USE PRUDENCE WHEN POSTING IMAGES. Excessive image posting is not acceptable. If a moderator deems that a member is being excessive in posting images, they will notify the member about it. Members are expected to adhere to the guidance of the moderators.
7. General beekeeping images that are not specific to any discussion are to be posted in the Photo Gallery Forum.


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