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I'm confused again:{ Should I?

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:scratch: Since I am not feeding any more and have removed my round hole top feeder from my inner cover...should I leave the medium box on with no frames and put the top cover on or should i simply remove the medium box put the inner cover back onto the ( bottom) deep box and just put the top cover back on and slide it back to allow a top entrance in the notched inner cover?

Thanks for your advice
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Local feral survivors in eight frame medium boxes.
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Never leave a box on a hive with no frames that the bees can get access to. Never leave a single frame out of a hive you are closing up even if you think it will only be for a minute. If you forget there will be a comb in that place next time. Bees prefer to build their own comb in empty space to building on foundation in your frames and they can do it very quickly if you let them.
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