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Illinois Nucleus Colonies for Sale

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I have a limited number of Illinois overwintered nucleus colonies for sale! These are high quality nucleus colonies that are not imported from the southern states or west coast. The queens were mated here in my apiary. Most of the combs are less than a year old. I guarantee solid brood patterns that are free of disease-quality is my #1 concern. If you wish to produce honey in your first year, an overwintered nucleus colony is your best option. I had a customer who bought a nucleus colony from me last year in June (a bit late to start a nucleus colony) and still produce a 30# super of honey as well as a new split.

The nucleus colonies will be available from mid April to mid May. Beekeeping is extremely weather dependent, so please have patience in the event of a cool spring.

The price is $165 plus a $20 box deposit. The nucleus colonies will come in standard pine boxes. If you wish, you can keep the box for making a summer nucleus colony. If you opt to return the box, you will be refunded the $20 deposit.

To order, please text or call Logan at 309-713-6160. To learn more about how I keep bees and produce my queens, visit

Here is picture of a typical frame of brood during the fall flow. The patterns are solid and the comb is fresh-all of the nucleus colonies have at least 3 frames with comb drawn in 2020.
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