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Illegal to kill bees in Puerto Rico

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I received this message from a friend,

"I have friends in Puerto Rico who are having a bee problem, but it is illegal to kill them there. Is there any way to deter bees from living in a particular area? Oh, and these just may be Africanized bees."

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have never tried to deter bees before.
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throw some bee go in there and no one will visit or come back for that matter. (also works on the inlaws too)

Seriously though it is illegal to do alot of things that shouldn't be. I hear it is illegal to kill rattlesnakes in Tennessee. If one is on my place only me and the good lord will know how the snake died. I love bees and nature as a whole. But I love my daughter and family. Snake and/or bees loses.
Huuump! I'm notorious for pit viper rescue.

Bee go sounds like an answer, though.
Powdered Borax. Yup a naturally occurring compound that sends bugs packing. In the 1800 pathfinders used it to keep flies and their offspring off their meat. I do not recommend that though. But it is the best bug proofer going.
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