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If You Are A Scout Or Know One, Then Please Help

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Dear Beesource Readers,

One of the challenges in getting BSA to reinstate the merit badge is that they do not know whether there will be scouts who are interested in getting the badge. One difficulty we have is that it is hard to promote a merit badge among scouts when that badge does not exist. However, it is important to do all that we can to demonstrate to BSA that, if offered, there would be interested scouts.

If you are a Scout, if you are a Scout leader, if your child, grandchild, neice, nephew, cousin, neighbor (okay, you get the idea -- if you know a scout at all who might theoretically be interested), please print out this form and talk to the scout about this effort:

Please explain to the potential scout or scout leader that:

1. Christopher Stowell is campaiging for reinstatement of the BSA Beekeeping Merit Badge;

2. He asks that scouts and their troop leaders sign this form to show their support and interest and return it to him; and

3. If you would be willing to do so, please tell the scout that either you and/or your local bee club would be willing to act as mentors. In short, explain that, after a few weekend classes, this could be a fairly easy badge to obtain, since other people will be there to teach the subject; and

4. Ask the scout to mail the document to Christopher Stowell when complete.

Thanks for your help,

Christopher Stowell and NeilV.
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My son and I will pass this around our Pack (535 in Loganville, Ga.) and our affiliated Troops. I'll take it to district Roundtable next month...see what we can do. Thanks for putting this together!
That's exactly the sort of effort it will take to get BSA's attention.


Christopher and Neil
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