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Identifying robbing

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In the last three days there are a lot of activity at one of my hive. Can somebody tell me if this is robbing or my hive os robbing somebody's else hive or something else from the video

It seams that there are some hurt bees.


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It seems as if some attempt against the hive is going on.
You may want to reduce the entrance even more.
Or put up a screen (google anti-robbing screen).

I have taped the entrances with good outcomes in the past - painter's tape with just a small knife slit.
The resident bees will chew through to make an appropriate entrance; meanwhile the outsiders will not get inside at all.

Not a major case though - not many killed bees under the entrance.
But a preventive move maybe warranted.
I added a self made anti-robbing screen and this is a result.


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