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Ideas for Cell starter and finisher hives

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Ive had something in mind that i want to try. For my cell starter and finisher hive I want to go in a big strong colony and find the queen. Put her under an introduction cage on a piece of empty comb. Then wait a few days and go back and remove her with the frame to another location. Now the hive is queenless and there would be no eggs left in the hive anywhere that would be young enough for them to start an emergency cell off of. So you could then take your frame with teh eggs from a good queen and drop in it the same hole you pulled the frame with the old queen on it out of. It looks to me like it would work in fact you could use that method and use the old queen you caged onto the comb to raise your new queens from. if you caged her onto a piece of new drawn comb you could put it right back in the hive and they would go to town on it building cells. And as soon as the cells got started you could put an exluder in between the brood boxes and put the old queen back in the bottom box and finish the cells in the top box. Looks to me like it be alot less manipulation hives around and disturbing the bees. i think i will try this method. because ive used cloake boards and stuff like that and grafted queens and Ive just not ever had that much luck with the cells being fed good enough.
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