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ideal thickness for imirie shim

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I made some less than 3/4 - they seem too thick. Some hives build bulky bridge comb which becomes more like an extension of the frame. How thick is just right?
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Fordguy, here's what Mr. Imirie has to say about his 3/4" shim:

"If you are using DRAWN COMB in your supers, but you are still getting burr comb built in the shim space, the bees are really trying hard to tell you something, and that is: WE NEED MORE SUPER SPACE! It is hard work, time consuming, and requires a lot of nectar EATING for bees to build comb; and, hence, if your bees have plenty of drawn comb super space for them to temporarily unload lots of nectar for storage until they can ripen it into thick honey, the bees will not trouble themselves to build burr comb in the shim area between supers of empty drawn comb!"

excerpted from
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